Woodland Rosslyn engagement | A&C

It’s almost the new year and I’m starting early on my resolution to be blog more, share more, and be more active online. I was struck this winter when my hard drive crashed that I should have shared the images I had burrowed away, saved for a rainy day, and then at least they’d be somewhere. (Though fingers crossed on the data recovery front!). There are numerous shoots I love that I’ve never posted, and C&A’s engagement seemed like the perfect place to start!

C&A introduced me to the beautiful Rosslyn, which, with its crumbling, evergreen landscape, provided the most perfect backdrop to the shoot. What struck me most was how much it suited them, and how much they obviously loved the place - that the paths were well-warn to them; the scenery familiar. This is one of my favourite shoots from the year, and I hope you enjoy taking a look!