Palermo, Sicily

Early morning wanders and bitter espresso shots leaning against the bar; sticky cannoli dropping orange peel on the paving stones; sandals clattering and skin warming and the city waking. Palermo was a blur of colour, warmth and sounds, of food and sweet, smooth wine and sunskissed days on the beach. Finally catching up on reading and exploring until tired sandals wear thin and laughing over restaurant tables into the night. 

Skopelos, Greece

Terracotta roofs, sticky cocktails in the late evening light, the faint buzz of voices, a murmur of warmth and excitement. Toes soaring over dolphins splashing, whipped up hair and salty faces. Gyros from tin foil and Athenian passageways, tomatoes dropping on tan sandals and morning routines. Treacherous car rides and lazy bus routes through clifftop coastlines. A blissful week with the best of friends. 

Flamborough Head

Amber-tainted cliff edges, crashing white waves and the beaten lighthouse. Wind so bracing it left us breathless and inappropriate shoes for its weaving worn pathways. Woolen layers and heavy coats and jumping in the car just to get out of the cold. 

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was faded colours and warm tiles under sore feet; crumbling castles and tired cafés with heavenly pastries tucked inside. It was long days and warm nights dancing in the street, being surrounded by the sweetest of friends and sandy afternoons in the heat of the sun pressed up against the rock to find shade. It was rickety train rides into unknown territory, getting a little lost down its numerous streets and the sweetest of little airbnbs to return home to. 

Camping in Newbourne, Suffolk

There are a lot of snaps to share from this 'lil camping break - we stayed at the serene Newbourne Woodland Campsite, and explored first to the dog-friendly beaches of Walberswick, then the iconic beachhouses in Southwold (ah, what I'd give to own one!) and its high street. We wandered round Woodbridge and ate at Newbourne's lovely Fox Inn and had sundaes at the Maybush after a walk in the sun. 

Camping in Skipton, Yorkshire

Camping by the gorgeous ruins of Bolton Abbey, we got the opportunity to explore Skipton, York & Harrogate over the course of the weekend. Highlights included the dairy-free treats of Filmore and Union in Skipton and a yummy breakfast in Balthazars, Harrogate, both of which were dog-friendly! 

I loved York, especially, with the Shambles streets and its cobbled stone walkways. That's one I'll keep in mind when I'm thinking about where to head after my year in Edinburgh is up! 

Louise SpenceComment