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You'll most likely find me in the countryside, walking boot laces tangled and small, fellow-redhead pup by my side. Or tucked up in the misted-up window of a newly uncovered coffee shop, dividing my time between people-watching and some dog-eared novel. If it's neither of those, I'll be in the gin bar, trying something new, something local.

I'm your a-typical redhead, a once-upon-a-literature student, and I'm relentlessly camera shy - so I know exactly what you mean when you say 'we're not used to having our photo taken' - trust me. I live in a cottage in the remote Lincolnshire countryside alongside my partner, Will, and pup, Ruby, where the pace (and the internet) are a little slower.

I love heading off on my travels; last year took me everywhere from the beaches of Brighton to the rainforests of Bali! I'm pretty convinced the best way possible to spend the day is to head out in your walking boots, camera harness and go explore, stopping off for a G&T and a piled up plate of veggie haggis nachos (I guess my Scottish degree rubbed off on me after all!).

relaxed, candid & unobtrusive

I love the moments the most - the minutes in-between, full of character and unknowing of the camera's presence. The expressions on the faces of those you love; those you might miss in the chaos of the day. The details in your togetherness; how you tangle yourselves together, how you curl up into each other, how you look at one another.

I'll never boss you around, or push and pull you into awkward shapes; I'll only ever be a guide, playing off your relationship, your love and how you fit together. I'll get to know you, your priorities, your personalities; are you introverts, or extroverts? Is your love the loudest, piggy-back rides across muddy terrains and mouths wide with laughter, or is it much gentler, a little quieter - subtle hands intertwined and that look in one another's eyes that gets you every time? I'll photograph the two of you, as you are - your characterful, spirited happiness; your carefree co-exisetence.

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We don't really feel comfortable having our photo taken - how does that work?

It's so much less scary than it seems, trust me. If you choose an engagement session, we can work through the awkward giggles, create some gorgeous photos, and you'll feel like seasoned pros by the time your wedding comes around. But if you don't fancy that, don't worry - we won't do pose-y, or scary, we'll just take a walk together on the day and capture the sweetest of portraits whilst putting you at ease.

Do you travel?

Abso-lutely! Wherever you're headed, take me with you!

I'm based in Lincolnshire, but have covered Norfolk, Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Ayrshire - even Antigua! If you're a significant distance from my home in the English Midlands, there may be a small additional fee for travel.

Can we have a second photographer?

Of course! Having a second perspective can help to capture more of those untold moments. It's not a necessity at all, but can be the perfect extra for your day. Just ask!

How and when will we receive the photos?

I'll send over a couple previews within a few days for you to share in all your newly-wed excitement, then the rest will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. I'll send over an online gallery and personalised USB - from there you can share, print, frame them above the kitchen sink - however you'd like!

Are you insured?

I am, for your peace of mind and mine.

We like what we see, what now?

Perfect! Just send me a message, and tell me a little about your plans - I look forward to hearing from you!

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