Engagement Sessions

thoughts, advice and examples on when and where to have your engagement session

One of the best places to start in choosing your when and where is to think about the places you enjoy being most; where would you choose if you had to plan a day out? Feeling comfortable and at home in a space helps with feeling comfortable in front of the camera – plus, it tends to mean you’ll know the cutest alleyways, the quietest spots on the beach, the best coffee shops, too! 

Next up, it can help to think of the seasons you enjoy to plan your ‘when’ – would you prefer something cosy, autumnal and wrapped in knitted layers, or are you thinking more sandals and shorts in the summertime? 

Is there an activity that’s meaningful to the both of you? Are you long boarders on the weekend, or arcade-dwellers by night? Are you travellers, van-lifers, co-knitters on a sunday afternoon? Having a hobby to incorporate can help put you at ease for that very first moment the camera appears in front of you – which is always a little strange! – and can make for photos which really reflect the two of you, as you are. 

There are a few ideas and examples below, so brew up a cuppa, settle in and amble through! 

The coast

This is one of my not-so-secret favourites – the endless skylines are perfect for finding quiet spaces and a beautiful backdrop to run around in! 


Where you live, grew up, studied, spend all your Saturdays – towns and cities can provide a thoroughly varied and colourful setting for engagement sessions. They’re particularly lovely if you know where to head off the beaten track, to find quieter corners and cosy spots to pause and photograph. 

Woodlands & Parks

Walking, exploring, navigating – woodlands are a beautiful and varied backdrop and are typically filled with curious pools of light – perfect for photos! 

Does it have to be the venue?

I get asked this often, and the answer is not at all! If it would give you a little more peace of mind to amble through the spots and spaces you’re thinking of for on the day, then it absolutely can – if it’s something your venue allow – though often it’s lovely to choose somewhere a little different, as you’ll already have a beautiful set of photos from this space! Where we choose to take photos on the day is often so dependent on the light, too, which changes throughout the year (and the day!). 


‘What if it rains’ is often asked, and typically we can rearrange, plan for a new day, and keep our fingers crossed for a little British sunshine. But, if this isn’t an option – consider your home! It’s a space that reflects the two of you, and calls for a little creativity, but can produce some thoroughly lovely, cosy photos! 

Can I bring my dog? 

I can’t quite answer this quickly enough, but yes, absolutely, always!