Louise & Ben

a family session amongst the wildflowers at Doddington Hall

There are some days when the British weather just refuses to work in your favour, and this was certainly one. Driving towards Doddington Hall, the sky turned increasingly dark, and after meeting Louise and Ben and a short wander around the gorgeous gardens, the skies opened. There’s no other word than torrential that can be used to describe it! We headed inside the hall, had a wander round upstairs, and Louise and Ben talked me through the details of their day as we waited for the rain to abate. Once, finally, it did, we took to the gardens again for a few more photos, including them with their sweet little ones, too.

I can’t wait to return to this setting a couple of times this year; to photograph amongst the gardens, the hidden corners, doorways, greenhouses; Doddington Hall is full of hidden gems, and such a beautiful setting for a wedding!

a couple embrace in the wildflowers doddington hall notes tied to a tree outside doddington hall a couple in a wildflower garden a child swings from her fathers arms doddington hall gates two people wander through the gardens a man in a hat enters doddington hall children play outdoors a father holds his daughters hands a couple hold hands a family together