The Walls Family

I met the Walls family around Christmastime for a family session – the first time they’d all been together, including their two grandsons. Capturing the family at home together was the sweetest; feeding the ducks, heading for the swings, sharing (and not sharing!) a caterpillar cake. The gorgeous little ones were full of energy and cheeky smiles!

I love capturing families; their at-home, everyday happiness and quirks!

a child and parents playchristmas decorations and family a family get together a family playa child sits on his father's shoulder baby hands mother holds her child grandmother watches her children play a couple and baby walk together children play in playwark a child plays on a swing grandmother holds child sisters and mother walk together a child and parents play a child steals cake from a table caterpillar cake is shared a family share cake in the kitchen grandfather and grandson look out the window


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