The Welsh Coast

portraits and moments from Aberafon, Wales

Pebbles glitter underfoot, and our world sways with the first signs of this summer’s exhausting heatwave. Coastlines stretch endlessly, empty. Black matte paint on well-worn fishing boats and gulls with beady eyes looming over chip wrappers; the late evening orb of the sun melting at last into the ocean. We clamber, explore, chase; Ruby befriends the four-pawed locals and we curl up as a three in the van, lulled to sleep by the waves.

This one’s a little different from the usual broadcast in that it features a video, too. Sure, it’s novice quality, but I loved the rare foray into a medium a little different! Ambling into the video editing software with no expectations was so enjoyable. Aerials as always by this guy.

friends gather on the coast a dog chews on a dogfish a dog eats a dogfish blue light portraits of friends a landscape of the coast in Wales the welsh coastline a man looks out a camper window a spaniel splashes in the water the sun sets into the sea a dog watches over the sea welsh coastline